wedding bells!

ok, ok, ok.
so 8/31 my most precious cousin holli married her prince charming!
it was a beautifully perfect day.
and i got to play photographer.

for the last few years, her father has been very sick with a rare lung disease.
well about a month before the wedding, he went through a double lung transplant!
after lots of scares and LOTS of prayers, he was well enough to walk her down the isle.

so needless to say, when this happened, the tears started flowing.

they got married in this pretty little winery in grapevine, tx.
it was just lovely.

here's the happy couple right after they were official!

the decor was precious. 
holli and all of her friends spent lots of time being crafty.
and then there were a few fabulous peeps that set it all up and it looked amazing.

this is one of my favorites from the evening.

and then it was time to boogie.
and boogie hard.

and then.......
the daddy/daughter dance.
tears flowed from every single person there.
i kid you not, it was so emotional.
the guy on the other side there is holli's stepbrother and he was filming it.
it's funny because at the end, i make a debut by wiping my snot and tears! lol!

sparkle time!!!!

the wedding was just great, and it was so wonderful to see my precious cousin and friend finally have her dreams come true! 


  1. I LOVE the last picture!! Such a beautiful wedding!

  2. Beautiful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. What a fabulous day it was!!!! You did a wonderful job on the photos!!!

  4. I have chills just reading this and reliving my dream again here. I love you and needed you as my partner in crime leading up to that moment. I should include pic of you in my back seat holding all the flowers. HAHA

  5. So gorgeous Holli as I knew it would be!!! I'm crying seeing you with your Dad. Love your Hubby's sneakers.

  6. I'm glad Holli pointed us over. Nice job, better sentiment. So glad her dad got to dance the dance...

  7. wow you did a great job taking those photos! I absolutely love the sparkling photo! so magical and fun!