take a chill pill

this past weekend i headed up to atlanta for some photo shoots and family time.
eventful doesn't even describe the happenings of the weekend.

friday i took engagement photos of one of my best friends from elementary/middle/high school.
and it was by far one of my favorite sessions ever.
the sun was magical!

saturday i had a photo session, visited with some more family, dinner with granny and dessert with my uncles.

we headed back to granny's and i got in the bed about 11:30.
then, about 12:30 i woke up abruptly with excruciating pain in each of my arms. it felt almost like charlie horses in each arm. it was terrible and scary. i spent the next 3 hours pacing, stretching, praying...begging for some sort of relieve. finally about 4:30am i made my grandmother take me to the ER. i didn't think it was a heart attack , but i was freaking out that maybe i had a blood clot or something.

so we get to ER, and they did an ekg. it was perfect so that made me breathe a little easier.
2 hours later doc says i'm perfectly healthy and there's nothing wrong.
he thinks it was a mixture of stress, overdoing it, and possibly lifting something the wrong way.
4 advil later and i was good as new.
and then i kind of got angry because i freaked out, panicked and was in lots of pain for 6 hours and all i had to do was take some advil!?!?!?
but of course it's better to be safe than sorry and i'm extremely thankful that there's nothing really wrong.

and then.........about 8pm sunday night, some disastrous stomach issue set in.
pretty positive it was some awesome food poisoning.
yes, yes it was lovely. absolutely lovely.
i pushed chris out of bed and onto the couch so i could stay close to the bathroom and not wake him up.
needless to say, i'm a bit excited that the weekend is over!

i've got a week off from school this week, so i'm just going to take it easy and actually enjoy life for a few days!

what's happening in your world this week?


  1. Ahhh you do have a lot going on, so it is good you are going to take it easy this week. Plus you need to be in full health for Paris! SO REST UP!