9 whole years.

today, hubby and i are celebrating 9 whole years of wedded bliss!

9 years. that just seems so grown up.
i guess we're are 100% no longer newlyweds!

this 9 year ride has definitely been full of ups and downs, struggles, heartache, happiness and love.
but that's what marriage is all about right?
standing beside one another through it ALL.

we struggled with issues in our first two years of marriage that many people never face.
and we survived....together.

i'm pretty sure in the back of people's minds, they thought we'd never make it.
we dated 2 months, got engaged, and married 5 months later.
to do the math, we knew each other 7 whole months before jumping into marriage.
and it was the best leap of faith i've ever made!

we've traveled so many places together...and somehow miraculously cheap!
we've truly done life with one another.
and for that i am so grateful.

i'm so thankful that our marriage started out with Jesus in the middle and that's where He still remains.
i'm thankful that this husband of mine loves me equally at my best and my worst.

i'm thankful that when we finally do have children, that chris and i will have a solid foundation and that we really got to experience time with each other before kids.

i'm thankful for our story. how it started, how it progressed, and how it will end in the future.
i'm thankful for how God has used us, and for the plans He has to use us even more.


i'm thankful that nothing has been handed to us and that we have worked hard for everything we have.
we know how to hustle lol.

i simply love "us".

we are as perfect of match for one another as one could possibly be.
that God....hmpfh - He sure knows what He's a doin.

and i'm so glad that He does. 
i'm blessed beyond measure by the love in my marriage.

happy anniversary babe.
i loveth you.


  1. seriously my most fave post ever! I love the words - the pictures- everything. I love you two even though you did leave me and congrats on 9 yrs.

  2. You guys are the best!!! Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sometimes you just know...

  4. Congratulations on 9 years and here's to many more!

  5. Oh Happy, Happy Day to you and Chris!!

  6. Hey! I saw your blog on kelly's corner! I am from augusta too. I don't blog a lot...but good to see someone in town! :) Happy belated anniversary!