backyard party!

little known fact: i have a thing for backyard parties.
i'm a little obsessed.
yet i've never had one and i've only been to a couple.
what can i say? i'm a little strange.

a couple of weeks ago my bff got married in her back yard and it was just perfect.
hayley and i met in the first grade, and the rest was history.
we have been through the good, bad and ugly together.
it's the type of friendship that we can go month without talking and then pick right back up like a day was never missed.
we're just connected...might as well be blood.

anywho, it was really awesome to be on the other side of the camera for this wedding. 
almost 10 years ago she got married and i was in that one. this photo business was only a slight glimmer in my brain at that time. 

so let's get to it shall we?
this was a total diy wedding and it was just perfect.
pumpkins and fresh flowers....i mean seriously, how much better could it get? oh i know. throw in a few mason jars. there we go - sheer perfection!

we did a really cute sneak peak before hand. josh didn't want to see her dress until she walked down the isle. so we had him cover his eyes and hayley came up from behind him. the series of photos of that came out so cute!

they each have a daughter from their previous marriages, so i love that both of them were in the ceremony. hayley's little girl, carleigh, walked her down the isle.

side note. i made the boquet when i got there a few hours before the ceremony.
sunflowers are by far the most complicated thing i've ever encountered.
luckily, with enough praying and trying, it turned out alright!

y'all...this cake....caramel apple cider spice cake.
one word: yummo.

a good time was had by all. 
the main course - bbq and brunswick stew.
now, i'm not typically a brunswick stew fan, but hayley's grandmother makes the best in the whole world.
i indulged.

the evening seriously was lovely.
and i was so excited to have a small part in it ;)


  1. She looked beautiful! And you did a great job! Congrats to the new family!!

  2. How fun! I am ready to be the attendee to a wedding. I loved that little bridge- too cute

  3. Amazing photos and what a beautiful wedding! I love everything

  4. What a beautiful wedding and party!

  5. What a beautiful wedding...you did a great job on the pictures! And that printable is just precious!!!!