15 days.

ok first of all, can you believe that in 10 short days it will be December?!?!?!?
Christmas time is almost here and you know that it's my favorite!

but more importantly, in 15 days, this Georgia girl will be getting on an airplane (with my most fabulous hubby) and heading to PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm completely freaking out on the inside.
it's like christmas eve as a child....you know being so excited because SANTA was COMING that very night!
yes, that is exactly what i'm feeling. possibly even a little more extreme.

i'm getting my hair did on saturday. i've gotta have some awesome highlights before heading out right?
and then we've got to go get us a padlock. why?
well to put it on the lovers bridge of course!
legend has it that if you put your name on the lock, and lock it to the bridge, and then throw the keys in the river, then you'll be "locked together forever". so of course i must play along.

i even looked into family photographers in paris to possibly have a photo session while we're there.
ummm yeah, that's gonna cost roughly $500. no thanks. i have a remote and a tripod to my camera. we'll have to make do.

the last few weeks i've been researching and planning; you know trying to get us an itinerary all set.
but really, what i want to do the very most is just eat and explore. to me, that sounds amazing. exploring streets and taking a bazillion pictures. and that's what chris want to do too....so we're just going to wing it!
we'll definitely hit up a couple of museums, but there's only a few things i know i want to see in them.

people think i'm kidding, but all i want to do is roll around in the grass beneath the eiffel tower.
that sounds awesome to me.

it's happening. it's really happening!!!!
oh. my. goodness. gracious. alive!