i'm intrigued.....and i'd love your feedback

it's no secret that i'm a firm believer in clean eating.
i just have a problem adhering to it regularly.

anyway, i've recently (well last few years) become rather intrigued by those who live holistically.
you know, clay or stainless steel cookware only, no plastic, essential oils, all natural remedies, etc, etc, etc.

(side note: every time i say etc, etc, etc, it always makes me thing of The King and I. ah, memories).

like seriously, i am for real intrigued by this way of life. i think there's something to be said for it.
now i'm not saying i'm giving up modern medicine or anything, but i really am interested in the natural living.
and i'm really, really mesmerized about essential oils for healing, breathing, and so on.

i haven't even jumped into any of these things, but i think i'd like to. my life is in need of some real changes in this department.
i just don't exactly know where to start, or what the "right" things are.
just as touristy towns have tourists traps, i feel like the "all natural" products do too.

so i'm genuinely asking for your feedback.
do you do anything holistic? essential oils? all natural bakeware/cookware?
what extremes have you gone to? do you grind your own spices/flour, etc?
have you seen a real difference? has this changed any medical issues you have?
how have you adjusted your budget to include this way of life?

i'd love to hear from you and any advice you may have on the matter!

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  1. LOL! I'm as lost as you on the matter. I know a web search would yield all kinds of amazing information, but I'm just not that motivated. Maybe one day. Whenever a health problem arises I'm always looking for natural remedies--since we don't have health insurance, but I haven't jump in yet--more like testing the water.