i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend!
ours was busy but beautiful.

on our way to the familia on thursday, we made a random pit stop at the church where we were married 9 years ago.

we just so happened to be looking cute that day to, so we set up an impromptu photo session.

shout out to my sis that bought me a wireless remote last christmas. haha.
so we sure did pull over, rig up the camera and start shooting.

and then of course we had to be our normal crazy selves.

this is our every day style. 
you know making faces, eating faces. 
what? you don't do that in your house?

"is this thing on?"

somebody has a little swag.

anywho, it was fun to revisit where the magic was made official. ;)


  1. That is so cool that you went back to the church you were married and that you were able to take cute photos of yall! Technology these days I tell ya! Love you