a little bit of everything.

let me tell you a little story.
the last day in paris was going to be all about the eiffel tower.
being as we had randomly happened upon the tower our first night, we were taking a different direction to walk directly to it this last day.

it was the wrong way. which turned out kind of cool because we got to explore a truly residential side of town.

we finally stopped at a pharmacy to get directions.
the little man was so cute.
at this point, we were about 45 minutes walking distance from the tower.

so he gave us basic directions.
walk 5 minutes to the flower shop, turn left, then walky, walky, walky, walky until you hit the are de'triumphe. then you will see the tower and walk towards it.

so now, our favorite phrase is "walky walky walky."

so, funny story.
this picture right here....this is his "i've just been so violated" look.
here's what i didn't know had happened just moments before.

hubs had to go to the restroom....eh, and um, well he had to go #2.
so he goes downstairs in this cafe to the basement where the bathroom is.
at the bottom of the stairs there is a toilet and urinal.
no stall.
no door.

and he had to go - what's a man to do.
so he's down there doing his business, and this woman comes down the stairs and just stands there waiting for the toilet.
so he says, "bonjour" while sitting right there on the toilet.
and, well, he had to finish.
and he did.
and she waited.
and then he no more got his pants up before she was sitting on the toilet!!
oh my it was so funny!
well, he was actually mortified and didn't talk for a bit! he didn't tell me all that happened until later!

well friends, this tour of france is almost over.
tomorrow i will sum it all up with the marvelous eiffel tower!


  1. Oh no!! That bathroom story is hilarious but makes so glad it wasn't me!

  2. I have to point out that you wore cute hats and bands and pulled it off quite nicely for someone who "doesnt wear hats"!
    Love you

  3. I seriously would have died....I could not have completed my business with her standing there that way....goodness!

  4. Found you on Instagram through another blog. Love all of your Paris photos! Beautiful.