the louvre was ridiculously massive....and enchanting.

and it's pretty awesome that the eiffel tower is in plain view!

ok, you see the thing that looks like a wire spool at the bottom of this pic?
well it's actually a barrel with fire that's roasting chestnuts.
YES! chestnuts roasting on an open fire!!!
there were guys making these everywhere...and i didn't try one.
shame, shame, i know.
but the people selling them, well, they looked a little shady. and i just didn't know what i was getting into!

between the hedges was my bearded man!

and this was one of my favorites from the whole trip.
we're such touristy tourists.

and it's kind of funny...i had all these adorable outfits on under my jacket, but it was like 40 degrees, so every singly photo only shows my jacket! i literally could have just packed one outfit and no one would have known!