Notre Dame

Notre Dame was amazing.
everyone who entered the door, no matter what walk of life, had reverence in that place.
800 years of church services - i mean my brain can't really comprehend it.
it was stunning.

one of chris's friends had the funniest convo when we got home.
it went a little something like this:
friend: "so did you catch any games while you were there?"
chris: "huh"?
friend: "did you see any games on your trip?"
chris: "huh? games?"
friend: "yes, on your trip to notre dame..."
chris: "dude - we went to paris."
friend: "ooooooh. notre dame! your pictures on facebook make so much more sense now."

yes, it was simply gorgeous.
we saw it both in the evening and the morning.
and it was fabulous both times!

while we went inside and looked around, and even sat for a bit, we didn't venture up the tower.
we're so lame.

when we saw it at night, we thought we knew where we were and started walking...the wrong way.
pretty sure we ventured to the one side of town we weren't supposed to go to.
we managed to find a best western and the nice guy there called a cab for us.
oh, my feet had never felts so much pain in all their 30 years!

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