Artsy Fartsy Part Deux

after a beautiful morning at the louvre, we headed for a little snack break at Angelina.
a co-worker told me i had to go here. they are world famous for their hot chocolate.
and oh.my.word. it was stunningly delicious.
i fell in love with the outside decor. and there was a wait down the sidewalk, but we hopped right in line.

it was so quaint and elegant.
and this was our first experience with the super close seating.
i mean you're basically sitting RIGHT next to other people, which is terrible for those like me who eavesdrop on other peoples' convos.
it was as a result of this that i decided i need a British BFF.

so i started with an eclair. it was filled with chocolate cream. 
it was DELISH!

but the hot chocolate, oh the hot chocolate!

it was thick and rich and high quality and AMAZING.
i could literally have an iv drip of the stuff.

after a gluttonous indulgence of chocolate, we headed over to the Musee d'Orsay.
i was so excited for this one...it's where the Monets are!

random side note....you can see Montmartre from the clock at the top of the museum.
it was the one place on our list that we didn't fit in.

but at least i have a distanced picture of it.

another random side note: apparently photos were not allowed here, whereas they were in the Louvre.
and apparently, i also do not know how to read signs made entirely of pictures stating such a rule.
i discovered this after taking my first photo (and getting lots of "looks"), but there was no way i was leaving without proof that i was there. so i randomly snapped a few more of my favorites ;)

clearly i had not been educated in the discipline of museum etiquette.

ok, ok. so i knew going in that all of the Monet paintings were not here. 
All of the water lilly paintings i really wanted to see were in a different Paris museum....that we sadly didn't make it to.
however, i at least saw one.

these are also Monets...that i had completely forgotten about, but I LOVED these when i was younger. it was so cool to see the real things.

well hello vincent.
this is one of the famous van gogh self-portraits.
a hand painted selfie.

now, THE starry night is on display in NYC.
but this one settled my desire as well, and was painted before the starry night. 
this one is starry night on the rhone.
just beautiful.

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