Artsy Fartsy in Parie

the louvre.
it's so iconic.
amazing that it was once a palace, and yet a new palace was built because this one wasn't big enough.
honestly, what did they do that required so much space?

oh mona lisa.
"mona lisa, mona lisa, men have named you...."
you know the song?
anywho. ok, hold on to your seat, but i really didn't care much about ol' mona.
but then, when i was there and knew she was there, well i had to go see her.
and there she was...small and caged.
still amazing.
so i weaseled through the crowd to snap my photo.

all of the ceilings were so intricately painted.
it was marvelous.

and i had to snap a pic of one of the napoleon paintings.

now prepare yourselves.
this, this here, is a man nibbling on a nipple.
and so since we're like 12 and all, could not leave without a completely immature childish photo of it.
i embrace it.

most people say you could spend weeks in the louvre.
maybe something is wrong with us, but we may have had the quickest trip through the louvre known to man. we love art. like love it.
but we're not the art loving type that likes to sit, look, gaze and reflect on it. we like to look, say oh that's awesome, and keep going.
i've told you once, i'll tell you a million more times....we're special.
or as my great grandmother would say, we're "touched".

next, i'll tell you all about angelina and m'o.

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  1. Oh my you didnt mention the nipple sucking man when you were here. Thats hysterical!! and awesome