Finish This

Happy Wednesday! I'm linking up with a few bloggy peeps today for Finish This!
You should totally play along.


When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to - 
well it depends on the issue. Used to be my momma, but since she's not here anymore i delegate lol. sometimes my aunt, my granny, my bffs....but ultimately, as cliche as it sounds, mostly i turn to God. He's the end all be all.

My next challenge is figuring out - 
 - how to really embrace and determine God's plan for my life.
 - what's next in this hateful game of infertility

I shake things up - 
hmmm....shaking things up. as a general rule i'm a pretty low key rule follower. but i guess chris and i shake things up with our yearly moves! we really should just invest in an RV!

High heels are - 
well, i kind of love them. but i rarely go places to wear them these days, so they just look pretty in my closet. however, as cute as they are, the KILL my feet. so when i do wear them it has to be well thought out (and there's usually a pair of flats in my purse as back up).


  1. Thanks for linking up with us! Even though I only wear flats, I've been known to keep a pair of flip flops in my bag or car's trunk just in case my feet get too hot. I live in Texas, I have the right! HAHAHA

  2. Always have a back up pair of flats handy!

  3. It is always good to turn to God!

  4. I'm with you and embracing God's path and plan. This has been my struggle lately.