wish list.

i've officially made it two full weeks in a life with no social media.
i have to admit, it's been a little difficult.
seriously, there have been so many fantastic "statuses" in the past 14 days!

and then we throw in the fact that chris has been beaten up with what i'm convinced is the worst case of strep throat ever known to man.
i've never seen anything like it.
so we've been a bit bored....well because he can't talk.
and since i refuse to be in the same room as him (i don't want to breathe his air), well there's only so much you can do to entertain yourself.

in the midst of boredom (which i really have no excuse for because there is homework, work, and jesus that could use my attention), i have decided to make a wish list of places i want to visit in my lifetime.
because you know, traveling makes my heart skip a beat! ANNNND chris and i have been thinking a lot about reality lately. and the harsh reality is that we are not promised a happy ending with our infertility issues. God has not promised us a child. and so, we've decided that if it turns out that children will not be part of our future, then we shall spend a life traveling the world. not just for our own satisfaction, but to do good things. i'm not sure what those things are, but we'll definitely do some good!

here it goes!

let's start with the states:

  • seattle, washington
  • go skiing in colorado. i've been to colorado several times, but i've never been skiing there...or ever.
  • california - want to drive up the west coast from san fran to seattle.
  • portland, oregon. just because.
  • montana
  • lake tahoe
  • maine
  • a drive through new england in the fall
  • chicago
  • the great lakes
now let's go international!
  • Vancouver
  • scotland (hubby's family is from here)
  • england
  • french countryside (provence)
  • italy: rome, venice, naples
  • i basically want to go on a culinary tour of europe. party in my mouth!
ok so who wants to donate to my travel fund?
no? no one?

just kidding!
where have you always wanted to visit?

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