Life is good around the table.

about couple of months ago I wrote THIS POST.
it was all about my desire for community.

it is amazing how when we speak something out loud, opportunities come to put it into action.
for the last month, my house has been a busy little greeter of people. friends. community.
and i am beyond grateful.

my heart has been so full.

i managed to finish reading bread and wine.

i know i keep talking about it, but it has quickly soared to the top of my list for favorite books EVER read. it just spoke to my soul in so many ways and i just felt full after reading it.

and i really, really, really want to be best friends forever with shauna niequist.
i think we'd be awesome together.

and i want to start a cooking club. the kind like she has with rich food and rich relationships.
i have ventured out in my cooking and that's just fabulous.
for instance, i made grilled pizza with roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, grilled chicken, fresh rosemary and balsamic vinegar. who am i?

i have purchased all of the ingredients to bake my own bread.

it's like a revival in my kitchen. and my heart. i can't get enough.

if you love jesus and food and the kitchen....please read this. for your soul. for your sanity. trust me, you need it.

and so, i leave you with this:

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  1. Would i like the book if i have no interest or desire to cook?
    Miss you!