exciting new things.

there's something about my upcoming graduation (24 days to be exact) that has sparked a need for lots of new things in my life, and i couldn't be more excited about them.

remember a few posts back i told you about my new project, Curvy Moi. well i'm happy to say the website is all built, and now it's just waiting for my content. i am absolutely ecstatic about this little project, that has so much potential to be something bigger. we've got posts planned for months and ideas out the wazoo.
i seriously walk around with a spiral notebook where i keep jotting down ideas. To refresh your memory, Curvy Moi is going to be a happy little place on the interweb for curvy girls. Too often, us curvy girls leave stores and websites a little frustrated and discouraged. we're creating a place for refreshment, encouragement and fashion for the curvy girl.

once i get that up and running, there is going to be a serious overhaul on the old blog here. it's getting a major facelift and content update. my absence here hasn't been for nothing - it's been a time of dreaming and determining how i can have the most impact. God and i have been doing a lot of talking lately, and it seems as if some of my dreams that have been hidden in the deepest part of my heart are getting a little light shed on them. i'm not quite ready to divulge everything just yet, but i do know, very clearly, that God wants me to be an advocate of hope. now, exactly what that looks like, i'm not sure. but i'm excited even for just the glimmers of direction.

i'm really working with God these days to tap into my dreams. for far too long, i've thought of dreams as just, well, dreams. but recently i have realized that sometimes God places those dreams in our hearts for a reason. so...i'm praying for dreams. for the courage to follow them. for the heart to embrace them. and for a spirit that's willing to dream them.

and most importantly, the beach vacay has been booked for may.
graduation on saturday, then the beach on sunday. yes, yes, i do believe that panned out very well.

annnnnd lastly, my newest nephew Gunnar is making his grand entrance into the world today!!!! i'm eagerly awaiting the call that he is officially here!

now have yourself a happy wednesday!


  1. That is a great plan indeed. What would make it better would be a week in Dallas with me. haha! I am so fired up about Curvy Moi. Woohoo!!!

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your blog overhaul....and Curvy Moi....YES PLEASE!!!!! I am with Holli...I am pretty sure Dallas is calling your name!