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I’m a work in progress, it’s true. And over the past few years, I’ve really been working harder at being nicer to myself. It’s a roller coaster really, because I try to be nice to me, then I’m mean, then I get mad because I was mean, which makes me meaner. You see the dilemma? However….I’ve been a dirty self-talker for about thirty years, so it’s not going to all change overnight. There’s a lot of mess to work through.
I’m reading this book by Holley Gerth called “You’re made for a God-sized dream”. You know, cause I’m all about dreaming these days. But there was a section in there that completely kicked me in the gut and shed some light on the way people talk to themselves.
First, let’s think about something. Would you ever speak to someone else the way you speak to yourself? That question alone sheds a lot of light on just how nasty I am to myself. By nature, I am an encourager and always try to lift others up. Yet when it comes to the way I speak to myself, it’s quite appalling.
But second, look at this: God specifically tells us in His word that we are to love others as we love ourselves. The truth is, I love others much more than I love myself. And so, quite honestly, when we talk to our souls with harshness and judgement it is just the same as if we said it to someone else….and that grieves God just the same. Did you ever think that the words you say to yourself in your head hurt God’s heart?
If I really think about it, those ugly things I say to my soul don’t really bring any change in my life; just more rudeness.
Sweet friends, be nicer to yourself today. We are God’s masterpieces. We are made in His image. And we have Him living inside of us. There is absolutely no reason for so much negative self-talk. That negativity hurts God in a way most of us never even thought about.
It’s time to give yourself some credit. It’s time to give yourself some love. It’s time to give yourself some grace

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