A good time was had by all...

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Oddly enough, this has been one of the best summers...so far. It's been full of travel, friends, and family and I just love it.
Last weekend, I was in need of a little beach time. Being only a few hours from Savannah makes it super hard not to go all the time! And having a bestie that lives there just adds to the enticement. So I drove down just for the day last Saturday to hang out with Amie, enjoy a beach day and a little pre-birthday celebration for her. It was honestly the perfect day.
As soon as I got home it was time to turn around and head to the airport for a work trip in Raleigh. I love traveling for work -really, I do. It adds a little excitement in my life! After that trip was over on Tuesday, I spent the week with my granny. We needed some girl time. I introduced her to the frozen yogurt places and I'm pretty sure she ate her weight in it! She's so darn cute. And yes, I stole a pic of her in her yogurt eating glory, but she would absolutely kill me dead if I posted it. The struggle is real y'all.
My honey came up to Atlanta Friday and we had a slumber party with his grandparents, quickly checked out the new outlet mall and did lunch with his parents on Saturday.
When I got home I was super excited to see that my diploma finally came in. It's officially official. Let's get this puppy on the wall!
Diploma + new Southern Living magazine + new Kate Spade ipad case = a great day!
photo 2 (1)
Saturday morning before I left town, I met up with my Lacey's girls. Through high school we all worked at this little drug store called Lacey's. We've grown up together and I adore them. And when we left the drug store for our new grown up jobs, we all left a week apart from one another. It was crazy. These girls are those friends that you may not chat with everyday, but when we get together it's like no time has passed at all. And I know I can count on them for anything. Sadly, we were missing one of our girls, so Kristin's baby was the stand-in for our must-have selfie.
photo 1 (1)
No rest in sight, we met up with some of the peeps from a small group we lead to go hand out water at the local park. It's brutally hot here in Augusta and it was just a super small way we could do something nice and useful.
photo 3
Now I need a nap just from writing that. Next week it starts all over again with a mini-vacay with Chris's parents and then a road trip to Texas to see mine.
The summer of 2014 will be a memorable one for sure. I prefer it that way. I'm all about making some memories. I love spending time with my people - nothing fills my heart quite like some good quality time.

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