Happy Wednesday! I have just a bunch of random thoughts so I though I would share!
So this weekend our church had it's first ever Fall Festival! Chris has been planning this for months with our good buddies Todd and Lyndsay and I am so pleased to say it was a hit! We had a TON of people on our campus! It was amazing! There was a car show, live music, sumo suits, joust, 22 foot slide, and jumpies. Oh and let's not forget free food! In fact, everything was free!!! We were absolutely exhausted and I ended up with the mother of all migraine headaches that put me in the bed at 7:30pm on a Saturday night!!! But all in all it was fabulous! I have some really fun pics to post - I'll do that tonight when I get home.

Can I just say how much I absolutely love this time of year!!! AND the beautiful colors of the trees! Oh my! This Saturday, my aunt, grandmother and I are heading to the mountains for some beautiful fall scenery!!! I can't wait! It's a little thing we started last year and I think it'll be on the calendars for years to come. I believe we're heading to North Carolina this year! It will be beautiful....and of course I'll have a million pics to share!

Can you believe that THIS weekend is the beginning of NOVEMBER!
NOVEMBER people!!!
Where has 2009 gone?
That means that Christmas is officially less than 2 months away!

HOWEVER, Christmas time is my ABSOLUTE most favorite time of year! I just get so excited...not exactly sure the reason. I don't have kids, I don't get much....I think I just love the spirit of the holiday and of course all of the amazing DECORATIONS!

So sorry for the use of all caps. I'm just slightly excited and not sure how to express it! **big smiles**

Anyway, happy Wednesday blog lovers!


  1. I love Christmas too! But I have to get started on my shopping soon, egads!

  2. I already have to start working on my gift budget for Christmas. And matts sister has already made the Secret Santa drawing....what?!?! I do have a great idea for a gift for my mom and i cant wait to share it with you