Weekend Update

What a fabulous weekend!
So terribly sad it's over!

I was supposed to go to the mountains with my aunt and grandmother Saturday. However, I had a cousin pass away on Friday, so we cancelled our trip.

However, Chris and I decided we would go anyway. Friday afternoon we decided to just go ahead and go up to the mountains and spend the night.
Now this is huge for me, because..well...I'm not very spontaneous. So I was so proud of myself for going along with it!
We had sooooo much fun!

The best part was that we had no cell service for most of the trip.
We went to Cashiers, Highlands, and Franklin, NC.
Very rainy.
But still fabulous!

Here are a few photos from our trip:

And here are a couple from our fall festival last weekend:

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  1. I love the pictures, soooo beautiful. I would love to spend a weekend in a place like that only companied by my closest people, good food and wine :)