Sunday Happenings

Ok, so I purchased this album last night:

This is Meredith Andrews and I now LOVE her! Everyone should give it a listen!

Also, I need to mention my happiness over Alabama winning the SEC Championship last night! Amazing! The way life works here in the SEC is that UGA Bulldog fans hate the Florida Gators, therefore, if we are not in the running, we root for Alabama! Yippee!

And finally, time for best of:
12/5: What conference did you attend this year that rocked your world?

Well this one is kind of a weird one because I only went to one conference this year. I went to Women of Faith with a few ladies from church back in August. Now it was really good....just not what I expected. It didn't really rock my world, but I am glad that I went for the experience. My favorite part was Mandisa. Do you remember her from American Idol a couple of years ago? Her story is amazing and of course I had to buy her CD that day. I love every song on it. She is an artist in the Christian Music genre but what she had to say is something everyone needs to hear. She talked about how nervous she was to try out because of her weight. She didn't want to be made fun of. And to her face, Simon was nice. But when the auditions aired months later, while watching it with a bunch of her friends she heard his rude comments as she walked out of the room. Sad.
So when she went back for Hollywood rounds, she apologized to him on stage. She said she was amazed that they aired it on national tv, but they did. She told him that because Jesus died for her and offered forgiveness for her, then the least she could do was to forgive him. Powerful.
But what we all didn't know, and what Simon didn't know, was that as a young girl she was raped. And therefore put on all the weight as a defense mechanism. She felt that if she made herself ugly enough, no man would ever do that to her again.
Then there's hope. That her validation is not through what people have done to her or what people think of her. Her validation comes through Jesus. And once she let Him come in and take away the layers of pain, her life is getting much better. She had lost like 75 pounds and is still losing.
That story is just so inspiring to me.
So everyone should buy her CD too. haha!

Well I guess that's enough for today. Enjoy your Sunday!

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