It's Wednesday...

...and Wednesday is that hump day where you're almost half way through the week. You know, the awkward day.

Going right along with yesterday's post of new year philosophies, I'm working with God today. Yep. I'm working as if God is right beside me helping me out (and I like to think He likes blogging too).
It just makes life easier. Makes things seem like a purpose.

Alright, so I am proud to say that I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera to the computer. And I even edited a good bit of them. I had a photo shoot Sunday for my friend's head shots. You can check them out at my photo blog by clicking HERE.

My goal is to get a few more posted tonight and tomorrow. **note, I said goal**

Might I say that I am totally inspired by Annie over at Annie Blogs. Check her out in my blogroll. She's doing an awesome weight loss adventure and she wrote a letter to her fat self. Totally inspired me. So, maybe, just maybe, I'll write my own letter to my inner fatness and release that pour soul. Do stay tuned.

Well that's about all for my lunch time *dish*. oooh, I like the sound. Maybe I'll make it a regular.

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