Friday, you are welcome here!
So good to see you.

I am definitely excited about a long weekend.
My company is having a big 4th of July deal at the GA Aquarium, so we're gonna hang there Sunday night.
Monday - as long as it's sunny - we're heading to the mountains to go to the lake! Ahhhh.
So. Excited. About. That!

I need to get away.

I think I'm on the verge of an emotional break down and I have NO idea why.
I'm crying at everything.

Like last night - it was over pictures.


But it's like lots of emotions raging inside. Usually I can figure out what's triggering it, but I have no clue.

Maybe I need therapy.
Or a massage.
Or just a vacation!

And no, I'm not pregnant - just in case you were about to diagnose me.

So I hope you all relax and enjoy this fabulous 4 day weekend!
And of course, remember all that has taken place so that we are able to even celebrate this holiday!


  1. Ah . . . a day at the lake! I want to come! Can I come without my kids? :)

    Sorry about the blogroll thing! I didn't see your comment until just now-your comment had gone to spam!
    You are there! :)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! not feeling well? I always recommend chocolate. If that's not your thing, then a big hunk of cheesecake. If you're not a sweet eater... then dive into a big bowl of chips and salsa. :) (I'm a foodie can you tell)