So much to say...

Well how do my friends?
**sidenote: When you're from the south, older people tend to say "How do" in place of "How are you?"**
Moving on.
I hope you all had a marvelous LONG weekend! Mine was probably the laziest EVER!
But I guess my body was in need of some rest.
I didn't turn on the computer.
I didn't open my school books.
I didn't work on anything photo related.
Pure nothingness!
Friday night I finally got caught up on all the Twilight saga movies.
My sis-in-law, Maddie, is a HUGE fan! And well, she is 15, so I would expect nothing less!
I read the books last summer, but was reluctant to see any of the movies because the books were so good.....and I haven't read the last one yet! I had to stop reading because I was getting a little too into it.
You know, to the point where you start yelling at your hubby because he's no Edward Cullen.
Yeah, it was time for a break.
Anywho, the movies were great! Maddie, Chris and I stayed up til 2am Friday watching Twilight and New Moon. Next on the agenda is a trip to the theater for Eclipse. We just might to IMAX 3D. Not sure on that one yet.
Ok, so Saturday. What did I do?
Oh yes, around 3:00 we decided to leave the house! We went to the mall and wandered aimlessly until I couldn't take it anymore. Then we moseyed over to TJ Maxx Home Goods and purchased a coffee table/ottoman. It's fabulous. Really brought the room together!
Refreshing! Well actually, we didn't buy the table until after we had already come home and around 9pm made a spontaneous trip to go get it. Just couldn't get it off our minds.
Now Sunday was a little more active! After all, it was the 4th! Soooo....there was church. Then lunch. Joined LA Fitness. Then a 30 minute nap. I told you it was a lazy weekend - don't judge me (by the way, it's now Tuesday and I've yet to go to the gym!). THEN off to the GA Aquarium. My company sponsored an event for the 4th - we all got free tickets to the aquarium and then had a cook out on the roof. From there, we had the PERFECT view for fireworks from the big shindig in Atlanta. It was awesomely great.
And then there was Monday.
Now Monday was just plain sad.
Literally, we woke up at 10am, moved to the couch and stayed there ALL day watching a Cake Boss marathon on TLC. About 4:30 we decided to go take a dip at the pool and by 7 we were back on the couch! Pathetic.
However, I am feeling rather refreshed today.
And, might I add, I have a tremendously long to-do list to catch up on - and that DOES include a trip to the gym tonight! It's gonna be different this time - I know I say it every time, but Jillian Michael's has yet again, inspired me.
The Biggest Loser is inspiring, and I'm sure if I had 6-8 hours to devote to working out per day, I'd lose a ton too. But Jillian's new show Losing It is people with real schedules and they're losing crazy weight in just 60 days.
I'm going on a trip in December to see my Texas family and I really want to look different when I go out. I know they're family, but I have such anxiety every time I go about my weight. I think it's because when they first met me at 19, I was waaaayyyy skinnier - like wearing kid's size shirts small. And granted, it was after I got married that I discovered I had PCOS and it caused a HUGE weight gain for me. It was like one year they saw me skinny and the next year I was about 70 pounds heavier. I guess it's different because the women on my mom's side of my family understand that - and have seen my weight struggles all my life, but my immediate family in Texas is my dad and 3 brothers - I don't think they really understand PCOS and what it has done to me. And what's weird is they have NEVER said anything to me about my weight - it's just what I imagine they are thinking. Isn't it awful how our minds can do such ridiculous things to us?!?!?
Now how is it that from a weekend of nothingness, I've had so much to say about it? Guess in my laziness I've had plenty of time to conjure up things to talk about!

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