LT - The Baker

I have always had a love affair with the kitchen.
Whether it be from stuffing my face to cooking for people, I love the kitchen.
I love kitchen appliances and utensils.
I love food.
Most importantly I love the Food Network, TLC, and Bravo that have some of the greatest cooking shows on TV.
Lately, my newest fascination is cupcakes.
I hate cake. Always have.
And I'm not real fond of cupcakes, yet I have this strong desire to bake them!
Maybe it's all the new cupcake shows coming on TV. We've got Cupcake Wars, DC Cupcakes, etc.
This could also be a result of my all day Cake Boss marathon on Monday.
I really don't know why I want to make them so badly!
But I do.
And in lots of flavors and colors.
And no hard icing - fluffy icing.
Oh, and I want them to be bite sized.
Oooh, maybe with fillings inside too.
Great, I'm officially inspired!

This probably isn't going to work well with my new diet/exercise regimen.
Then again, neither did the quesadilla I had for lunch today!


  1. I made cupcakes this weekend! Well - we started and ran out of time ... but I heart them too!!! And those pics - yummy!!!

  2. I've lived without cable before, but he hasn't. I hoping it doesn't take us long to not even notice it!

    I loooooove to bake. Love!