Weight and the Weekend

What up homies!
Well friends, sadly the weekend is over.
They really should extend them.
Who can I talk to about this?

Ok, now to the good stuff. So this week I was working on "little to no carbs".
I'm not really sure how to rate myself on it all.
Let's go with....I did better.
Much better than usual.
This is a difficult adventure for me because carbs are SO much of my diet.
But I will say I was much more aware of what I've been eating.
There were days with only one type of carb and that was a good day!
So I'm getting there.

I have a new hair do.
My BFF did the fabulous job! New fall colored highlights and a new style.
Love it.

I also have new curtains! The living room and kitchen are complete. Well almost.
And then there was lunch with my girls from the drugstore I used to work at.
All in all, a very productive and good weekend!

I'm not gonna lie though.....I would kill for a loaf of warm garlic bread.
Yes, a whole loaf.

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