What's Tickling My Fancy

Here's a few things to get our week started:

1. CRASH: So, this week we joined Netflix. Friday we got our first movie. I've heard lots about the movie Crash, but had never seen it. So Friday night we came home and turned on the old boob tube. Except that we don't have a boob tube, we have a flat screen, but that's not near as fun to say as boob tube. Do you like how I just said "boob" 3, no 4 times and not meaning breasts? Very interesting movie. There's one scene in particular that totally took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. We're talking hold my breath, hard cry, then breath of relief, then "What?!" In like 30 seconds. Oh yes, roller coaster. I say this is a must-see. Definitely makes you think.

2. As I've mentioned before, www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com is one of my favorite websites. It's updated weekly, if not daily. The picture above was on it. Really? Really? Who decides that dressing up as clowns for family photos is the way to go? Like, who makes that decision? Better yet, WHO goes along with that decision??? Amazing.

3. This week is TV Fall Premier week. YES! There are so many shows I'm so excited for! Modern Family is definitely extremely high on my list! Parenthood started last week - I'm behind all ready! AND Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursday nights! This is messing with my schedule! Anywho, you can check out the full Fall Premier schedule by clicking HERE.

4. So I love looking at People magazine's website. Heck, I love People magazine.
What I'm not sure about is how I feel about Kate Gosslin. I really used to love her when Jon and Kate Plus 8 first came out. And during the divorce, I was totally Team Kate. I tried to still love her during her Dancing With the Stars stunt, but I'm seriously not sure about flaunting the cover of People in her bikini. Now don't get me wrong, she looks great. But she could have shown she looks great in a different manner. What happened to homey Kate? I liked her better with her spiky hair and nifty t-shirts. Am I being judgmental? We all know her response will be "I'm doing what I have to to take care of my kids" but seriously, people do it everyday without the help of Hollywood and TLC. Wow, didn't know I was so bothered by it.

And that's my two cents....no 4 cents for the day!

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