What I'm Looking Forward To......

do you know what i'm super excited about?
an upcoming family trip!
the week after christmas, chris and i are taking a road trip to the big oklahoma!
my dad, stepmom, brothers, and grandparents are all renting a cabin for a little vacay.
i absolutely can't wait because i never get to see these people that i love dearly!
it's going to definitely be adventurous.
and fun.
and amazing.
and food filled! lots of food!
and i'm sure that drama of some sort is inevitable.
i mean seriously, how are we going to get through 4 days with 13 people staying in one place?
it will be happen.
but i'm sure it will be something we can laugh at!
i'm pumped either way.
i'm making all the gifts.
and of course pictures will follow.....after the trip! can't spoil the surprise!

you know what else i'm looking forward to?
christmas decorations!!!!
chris has promised me that it will happen this week.
the christmas decorating bug will hit our house!
absolutely can. not. wait.
i think it will help me tremendously.
i'm in a bit of a funk this week.
not sure why...just sad.
i hate being sad.
i'm a happy person!
so my hope for happiness lies in my christmas tree!
(well really it lies in jesus, but i'm keeping with the christmas spirit - which technically, it is his birthday!)

we all need things to look forward to.

i also have lots of pictures to share.
maybe i'll get those up sometime this week too.
it's been crazy busy....in a great way!

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  1. Yeah for the Vacay!!! My teens put up our tree this year, and put the outside lights on the eaves...Husband and I sat on our tushies and watched. SO much more fun this way.

    Can't wait for pics - they are always so lovely.