Burgers, Beauty and Snow

Are you sick of hearing everyone talk about the snow?
I am.
My work is currently on snow day #4!
4 I say!
I was stuck in Raleigh but made it home yesterday! Yippee!
I don't think Chris has ever been so excited to see me.
Wanna hear about my grand entrance?

So here I am, having been gone since Sunday. Chris and I rarely ever spend nights away from one another....we're just normal boring people. And of course, since he's been trapped in the house since Sunday, cabin fever was setting in. So he was extremely excited and looking forward to my arrival!
Our neighborhood was/is pretty iced over, so his dad picked me up at the airport.
So we get home and his dad drops me off at the top of the driveway. Chris comes running out onto the porch....so happy I am home. I look up, smile, grab my bags, and then bust it.
That's right, feet slipped right out from under me and I slid down my driveway on my butt like it was a slide.
Luckily I found it comical.
Until today.....I seriously think I knocked something out of place on my fall.
My hip hurts soooooo bad!
Kind of wish I had a picture of the event for you.

Moving on....so today I may have made the best burgers ever.
I was feeling the need to get a little creative in the kitchen. I wondered over to the pantry to see what I could find.
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce.
This was my magical ingredient. I must have been in a creative mood when I bought them because I've never cooked with them. For some reason my brain thought they would be perfect for today....and they were!
I took a small packet of lean ground sirloin, chopped up two peppers and added some of the sauce along with a couple splashes of worcestershire, garlic powder and some crushed croutons....to hold it all together. Mixed it up real good and made some patties out of it. I topped it with Monterrey jack cheese and threw a little A1 on top when it was all done. I served them on garlic toasted buns and it was DELICIOUS!
Yum, yum, yum!
It's a must try.
Now I'm trying to find all the other uses for chipotle peppers!

And finally, it's time for your beauty tips:
  • Glowing skin when no time to fake tan: Mix equal parts of body shimmer with body lotion. It will reflect the light and give you a glow. There's also shimmering lotion available now.
  • The quick natural alternative to a face lift: Separate an egg, whisk the white until slightly stiffer then apply to face for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
  • If you need an exfoliator to remove dry skin on your face, add a little sugar to your face cleanser.
  • Need to make a pimple look less visible? Dab a little nasal decongestant on it to constrict the blood vessels and reduce the redness.

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