Expanding My Music Culture

So a couple of our besties have a bestie that works in the music industry. He goes on tour with lots of really cool people.
Last week we got offered free tickets to the Sade/John Legend concert.
I can honestly say that I had no idea who Sade was....she was a little before my time and not my general taste of music. The only song I knew was Smooth Operator.
However....she put on an amazing show!
The opening act was John Legend.
I love me some JL.
He's just the cutest thing ever.
He opened the show strutting out in his little white suit....mmmm mmmm mmmm!!!
Ok enough chatting...now for a few pics!

Sorry for the poor picture quality - low light and a iphone. Enough said.

But I just have to say that it was simply fabulous!

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