Me - a runner?

Well to answer my title, no I'm not a runner.....yet.
However, my boo Ashby and I decided it would be awesome for our non-running selves to register to run a 5k. Now, we can walk if necessary, but the thing is....I've walked plenty of 5ks. I need to run one - or at least part of one.
Race day is Thanksgiving morning.
I'm super excited for it. It's very motivating.
So motivating in fact that I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks and I'm on vacay next week.
Yep, looks like I'm gonna be in superb shape for a run!

Soooo....Ash and I have created a contract - and yes we have signed it.
It says that we should basically be able to lose another 15-20 pounds by T-Day.
And if we don't.......
Well then a photo of ourself in a bathing suit becomes our facebook profile pic for one week.
That my friends is the ultimate most horrible thing that could happen for me.
I hyperventilate just putting my bathing suit on in front of my hubby or close friends.
To put that out there on the world wide web, well that's just not an option.
NOT an option.
So my big ol' rear has to get in gear asap!

Now I feel the need to clarify that my schedule has been ridiculous for the last 3 weeks and the gym just hasn't been an option. The good news is that I've maintained my 30 pound loss and haven't regained anything. Praise Jesus!
So at least I'm not exactly behind.

I really want to lose the 20 pounds by T-day because that would give me a 50 pound loss for the year so far! Woot woot!

And if you remember, I have severe anxiety when I go see my dad and that side of the fam about my weight, so it would do wonders for me to be able to go out there without that weight on my shoulders, literally.

Well that's the weight update as it stands for now. I'll definitely keep you posted as the running training begins....I'm a little bit scared!

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  1. I am so excited for your new goals!!! Are you looking at the 5k downtown tied to the half marathon? I was going to do the half, but since life is too crazy my training sort of fell apart and I was thinking of switching to the 5k.

    Dont be scared of running. Are you following a training plan?