You Never Know Everything

the hubs and I are on vacation right now. I'm up early staring out the window looking at the beautiful ocean (and blogging) while my prince charming is snoozing. Yesterday was our official first day of vacay. I think I mentioned earlier that this is our first adult real vacay in the 7 years we've been together so we're enjoying ourselves immensely.

We spent almost the entire drive down here brainstorming for my photo business and getting super excited about that. Lots of changes in the works...name change, logo, biz plan, services, etc....
Needless to say...we're pumped!

One thing that caught me by surprise yesterday (and I instantly knew I would blog about) is how much we are still learning about one another. Just when you think you know someone inside and out, something brand new pops up.

Last night we took a walk on the beach. Well actually we didn't make it very far. You see we are here at the beach in the "off" season. Therefore a lot of things are closed or have odd hours.

*sidenote: I grew up coming to the beach and walking in the dark on the sand. Chris did not. And therefore crabs are a real problem.

So we get down to the beach and it's dark. Duh - it's night time. Somewhere in hubby's sweet little head he imagined the beach to be fully lit. Umm no.
I did manage to buy flashlights so we took those with us - I mean after all, I knew we would need to shine the crabs away. The flashlight was his security----and I took it and ran! Bahahaha! I'm evil. He freaked. And so we left the beach!

Ok that story isn't he point to anything but it was too good not to share.

But through all of that we got into this discussion of what "relaxing" or "vacation" means to us. He wanted to sit and watch the beach at night - I wanted to walk it. He wanted to swim in the pool at night - I wanted to curl up and read. We're just on very different ends of the spectrum. It's funny to learn these type things 7 years in to it....but I guess since we've never really vacationed together this is all new to us. Every trip we've ever taken has had a ton of stuff crammed into just a couple of days, so being here with no itinerary is quite the new territory.

Today's plan is to hang at the beach all day....we'll see how that goes.

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