Some Days

Some days are just poopy days.
Today is one of them.

Maybe my emotions are high because I'm sick.
Maybe it's the weather.
Or maybe it's just time for a good cry.

Some days I miss my mom so incredibly badly and the pain of her leaving feels just as strong as the day it happened almost 6 years ago.

Today is one of those days too.

It's the little things like the idea of having a mother-daughter afternoon. Just going window shopping and browsing far too long in the purse section. Momma could spend hours looking at purses.

It's the fact that I want so badly just to call and hear her voice and can't. To hear her call me her "little lamb" one last time.

It's all the things that will happen for me some day that I won't be able to share with her.

It's the fact that I'm a photographer and have never been able to show her my work and get her approval.

It's the thought that my future children will never truly know her.

It's her hugs. Gosh her hugs were the best. Not fake, but real, tight hugs. I want one.

It's the thought that maybe some day I'll forget what her voice sounds like. That's the unthinkable.

It's that I'm selfish and want her here with me. I still need her so badly.

And so sometimes I have to embrace a poopy day to deal with it....and well....I'm dealing.

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  1. Some days its just good to have a good cry, hope you feel better :)