I Love Atlanta

I've lived in Georgia my whole entire life.
Over 28 years.
And in those 28 years, I have not even come remotely close to exploring the things my great state has to offer....especially Atlanta!
So my lovely friend Heather and I have decided that it's time we gave this great city the props it deserves!
Enter....I Love Atlanta.
We will both be posting the awesomeness of Atlanta - some together, some on our own. Either way, sharing it all for your viewing pleasure!

Here are the categories we're looking at:


Areas of Interest
Sporting Events
The Great Outdoors

Speaking of which, I went to one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants the other night.
It's called The Vortex.
There are two locations in Atlanta - Midtown and Little 5 Points.

My fave cuz from Texas was in town and that's where I took her. We went to the Little 5 location.
Little 5 is an area of town that deserves a post all on its own, so you'll just have to live in suspense on that one.

The Vortex has been featured on various food shows. They're known for their burgers, which are delicious!
They have this burger called the Double Bypass and a Tripple Bypass. These are double and tripple cheese burgers with grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns! Gross!!!
It's also one of the few cool restaurants that actually serve tater tots!

My favorites on the menu are:
Fried cheese balls - OMG these are heavenly. Little fried balls of cheese....how can that be wrong?
Fried pickles - some of the best in the city!
And the burgers of course! So many to choose from. I usually stick with a boring old cheeseburger. May be boring, but still delicious.

Their menu is hilarious. It's a fun atmosphere full of bikers, bar hoppers and foodies alike.
But beware...you have to be 18 to enter.

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