A Night With Jesus

Have you ever heard of the band Jesus Culture?
They're based out of Bethel Church in California and they're pretty awesome.
I've been a fan for a couple of years now.

Just so happens that in February I got word that they were coming to Atlanta for one night only.
It was a no-brainer...tickets were a must.
So I bought them.
And last night, I went!


Chris was supposed to go too, but he's been sick this weekend with the flu and bronchitis (double whammy), so he was out. Instead, I had a girls night out with some pretty cool chicks!

The concert was at a venue called the Tabernacle. It's a classic venue here in the ATL.
In 1910 it was an old baptist church. A pretty big one at that.
In the picture above you can still see the organ pipes.

In 1996 it was turned into the House of Blues.
Then in 1998 it became The Tabernacle.
The venue is now owned by Live Nation, so if you're in the Atlanta area, you should check to see who's playing!
The Tabernacle is located on Luckie Street in the heart of downtown - across from Centennial Olympic Park.

Moving on.
So the whole premise of this group is to encourage this generation to rise up and be game changers.
Game changers in their workplace, their schools, their homes.
That massive change can begin with just a few.

It was truly a night about encountering God....not a flashy concert, although it was fabulous.

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