A Little Known Fact

Over the past several months I've been quite vocal about my fertility struggles.
One thing I haven't been quite as vocal here about is my desire for adoption.
I long for it.
God has really been stirring in my heart over the past several years a strong desire to adopt.
And I feel confident that we will adopt one day, whether or not I am ever to have biological children of my own.

But the desire of my heart is not to just adopt any old kid.
No, the desire of my heart is to rescue a precious child from not so nice conditions.
Yes, domestic adoption would be much cheaper.
But I've had a very strange place in my heart for children with down syndrome for as long as I can remember.
And that place in my heart has always played in the back of my mind that I would in fact have a child with a disability some day.

Here's what a lot of people don't know.
Children with down syndrome, especially in other countries, are highly looked down upon.
They are shunned.
And in orphanages, if they're not adopted by about age 4 or 5, they are institutionalized and never to be seen again. The option for adoption at that point pretty much is over.

And friends, that absolutely breaks my heart in the worst way.
They're not even given a chance.
I just want to go there and bring them all home.
It's just terrible.

So when I run across something awesome that pertains to this, I feel the need to share.
And while Chris and I are not ready for this adoption journey just yet, I still felt compelled to share this.

Meet Reece's Rainbow.
This organization works to assist with funding for families who long to adopt these precious children.
Wonderful work and wonderful mission.

As a human, I can't fathom turning my back on these children. And there are countless situations like this with children of all types all over the world.
When will it ever end?

So if you're looking for a place to donate this year, might I suggest Reece's Rainbow?

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