Lauren vs. The Bathing Suit

So this weekend I was doing a little magazine reading and came across a handy tear-out for tips of how to find the best swimsuit for your figure. When I read this, I got so tickled and just had to share.

And then I was reminded why I despise bathing suit shopping.

It's because, according to this list, I should probably just avoid swimsuits all together.

I found this to be quite comical.

The "If You Have" column.....yeah, I suffer from 3 of the 4 listed!

Full hips and thighs - CHECK
A large bust - CHECK
A tummy - CHECK

With all that I can't possibly have the only one I'm missing - a straight figure.

I'm convinced that the perfect swimsuit for me is likely to cost hundreds of dollars.

So it just might be shorts and a t-shirt for me this year!

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