A New Life Schedule

Ok, so in a response to the events that occurred on Tuesday, I decided to be proactive on some changes.

I've made a schedule for my daily activities and a list of things to change.
The goal is for me to make things fit into my schedule rather than work my schedule around things that come up. My life is too chaotic and unpredictable.

I'm going to be dedicated to working out 3 times a week in the mornings
I'm not going to be overzealous. Last time I did that I burned out quick.
So just 3 times a week is plenty. It will at least get me to the "active" status of life.
Breakfast every day is a must and that doesn't = a fast food biscuit!
My goal is for at least one day of the weekend to do something active with Chris. Like break a little sweat active.
I downloaded a butt-load of preaching podcasts, so my goal is to listen to those while working out. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Jesus and a workout. Spiritual/mental wellness and physical wellness all in one!

And through all of my other research, I'm making a few other changes.
While these seem to be good for fertility help, they seem like they're good changes to make for overall wellness. So why not? Win win.

I'm cutting the caffeine.
Luckily I'm not hugely addicted, so this just means no tea or chocolate for me.
I can do that.

I'm making the switch to organic eco-friendly household cleaners and air fresheners.

I'm adding more fruits and veggies. Increasing vitamins and antioxidants.

I think I want to go back to the life of shopping at Whole Foods...or trying to by locally grown and organic more often than not.

I definitely want to try and cut out a big chunk of the amount of processed flours and sugars that we eat. So that would be cutting waaaay back on white bread, white pasta, sweets and sugary juices.

I feel like that by making the lifestyle and eating changes, this will greatly help me stay on track from a budget standpoint.

And somehow through the craziness that is my life.......decrease stress.

It's worth a try and I'm actually kind of excited about it!


  1. YES! I support this!

    I know Whole Foods is a bit on the pricey side, but if I can offer a suggestion for a solution....

    Matt and I have started shopping at the farmers market near our house. Its not the type that you would find in the square, its a HUGE store. A little overwhelming, but the prices cannot be beat.

    We pay WAYY less on produce there than Publix (and that is a big chuck of our bill). All of the produce lasts longer too. Example: rib eye steak. We hardly buy steak because its so pricey even on sale. We found this inch-1.5" thick steak at the farmers market for $6. We then went to Publix to get our boxed goods and that same steak that was less than an inch thick was $12!!! Same with produce~ avocados are less than a $1, apples are about a $1, bananas are less than 60 cents....I could keep going.

    My novel must come to a close. Do you have a farmers market near you? Check it out! PLus you will find A LOT of veggies/meats you had no idea existed thus causing curiosity and perhaps new recipes!

    (Oh and we bought jasmine rice (7lbs i think) there for $3 and the same bag was $7 at publix...JUST SAYING)

  2. Excellent! These kind of changes are good for you AND Chris! Make them a habit now, and your future kids will be healthier and happier as well.