Friday Randomness

Fridays are always such happy days.
It's the end of the week and beginning of the weekend.
Which usually means FUN!
And because of the hope of fun, I get a little giddy.
Every. Single. Week.

So, in honor of all things happy and giddy, I give you my Friday Favorites!

  • Tervis Tumblers.
I seriously LOVE these much more than should be normal.

Tervis 24 oz. Clear Water Bottle

A few weeks ago I discovered the Tervis water bottle! Whaaaaat????
So of course I had to have it.
And I love it muy mucho! And use it every single day.
It's a love affair.

  • Burlap
It's true...I may have a SERIOUS love for burlap. I want burlap curtains. I have burlap photo props. I want burlap ribbon - which is all over Etsy. And did you know that it comes in all kinds of colors!  I mean for real...the crafting possibilities with burlap are endless! Endless I say!

  • Feather Ring

So last week I bought a feather ring. I've been wanting some piece of jewelry for a while now to act as sort of a remembrance piece for my mom. She absolutely loved angels and well, now she is an angel, so I immediately went for angel feather! The idea started as a tattoo and then I found the ring! Love it!

  • Pandora
I love Pandora. It creates the perfect playlists to get me through my work days. My two current most favorite stations are Snow Patrol Radio and Jack Johnson Radio. It's like happiness in my ears!

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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  1. ooooo you are going to love my someday wedding then....BURLAP EXTRVAGANZA!!