That's my new title. In-Fertilicious. Like Fergalicious but with fertility. Lol!
You see what I did there? So funny.

I haven't updated lately on the fertility front, or lack there of.
I have just completed 5 rounds of Clomid.
And apparently none of them worked.
When on Clomid, your progesterone levels are supposed to be around 15 after ovulation. The highest mine ever got was 9.
So of course, I have to do ovulation predictor kits each month.
And I can never tell the results.
So this last month I bought the expensive one that either gives you a blank circle or a smiley face.
I got a smiley face and was so excited.
Then my blood work came back with a whopping 0.26 for my progesterone levels.
That means I didn't ovulate.

My response to the nurse: "But I had a smiley face!!!"
Nurse: "Well that doesn't really mean anything."
**sidenote: if those kits do not mean anything, why have you had me spending $30-$40 on them each month???**
My response: "So what next?"
Nurse: "Well obviously your body isn't taking the Clomid, so you'll have to see a specialist. We can't do anything else for you."**
**Sidenote: 6&1/2 years of this and you've just now decided I need to see a specialist???

And that's just the kind of result everyone loves to hear.
So that's where we're at.

The day I got that news wasn't a good day. I may have ordered pizza and cried while eating it.
No, that doesn't sound like me at all. Haha.
It just hurts when your body is broken and won't work and no one can tell you why.
But I'm really ok now. I just had to have a good cry and move on. So now it's moving on to a specialist.
Yeah that first visit is 2 hours! 45 minutes alone with the doctor. Now that, I'm excited about - seriously. Surely I can get answers and options!

But just as I have said multiple times, I'm holding onto God through this and the promises He offers.
My life verse: Ephesians 3:20 - "...God is able to do immeasurably more than we could hope or imagine.."
I know He hears my heart, my cries, and he knows every single tear that has dropped. He's got this.

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  1. PrayIng Lauren... Believing God for your miracle baby.