Girl, You Crafty!

This weekend I tapped into my crafty side. For several weeks now, I've been wanting to make a vintage suitcase night stand for Chris's side of the bed. I'm finding that vintage suitcases are in high demand and finding just the right one has proven to be a tedious task. But yesterday we found it.

Now Chris wanted to leave it just like it was. But I couldn't...it didn't match our bedroom at all! So I painted it. I wanted to keep the overall design, so I had to tape off the stripes.

And here, the painting had begun.

Our bedroom has a muted teal as the accent color, so I found just the right shade for the stripes.

Once I got it all painted, I took a fine grit sanding block and roughed it up a bit. I still needed it to be vintage. 
Then, we screwed the suitcase into the top of a stool. 
Now we just have to add a few things to the top!

But I didn't stop there!!! So at this antique festival I saw an art piece of framed fabric. It was awesome...but it was like $200! Um...no.
So of course, I decided to make my own.
I went to hobby lobby and bought one of their open back frames - it was driftwood...and 50% off! I got it for $17!!! Woot woot. And of course I found some fabric there as well.
Then I came home and diluted some white paint with water, and did a sloppy white wash.

I bought foam board and wrapped the fabric on it and secured it with fabric pins. Then I just secured a few nails in the back of the frame to hold it in. Voila!

Still not done with my craftiness. So I repurposed some candleholders. So stinkin easy!

So I tackled those with some Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint.

And here we are! I love them!

Ok, and the last one for now. See that black coffee table? I found it at Value Village for $10! 
TEN dollars!!!!! And it's solid wood!
So of course, I painted it!

And here's the finished product! See the holes on the side? I think I'm going to string rope through that.

And there you have it! Craft weekend!!!!

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  1. 1. I love how that suitcase turned out
    2. I have the same frame from HL!!
    3. $10 for a coffee table? AMAZING!

    Crafty McCrafterson