Brotherly Love

I cannot even begin to describe how overflowing my heart is with emotion after this week. I've been in Texas since last Saturday helping my baby brother out with his most precious newborn baby. Amazing how you can love something so much in such a small amount of time.
Me and my bro are super close. We strangely live parallel lives....and I love it.
I like to say we're like Bonnie and Clyde except that we don't sleep together or have a love affair. We're just a pretty awesome duo.
And this bond that we have is one of the driving forces behind our big move to Texas this month.
I have 2 other brothers as well that I really want to develop deeper relationships with.

I think I've mentioned before that I didn't meet my dad or brothers until I was 19. And thats a story for another day.
Tonight our older brother came by to visit for a while and it was so great to just hang out with him. He holds an extremely special place in my heart. You see I always knew about him growing up. So having him in my life has always been just like a distant fantasy. But in a few weeks, I'll live about 20 minutes away from him and I'm just so excited I can hardly stand it.
If you have an older brother, you know there's just something special about it. I can't explain it, but when I get to hang with him, my heart just is so so full. And tonight was the first time we've all just hung out and talked about any and everything.

I don't know, it was just special to me.
This weeks has been so amazing. I'm so thankful that I got to come out here and help my bro transition into a parent. This time with my nephew has been priceless. A time I will forever cherish.

I love all of these boys and girls out here.
They have my heart.

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