See you later...easier than "good-bye"

Well we're 2 days away from the big move to Texas. The last 3 weeks have been so crazy!!!
2 days and we'll be Texas-bound.
I am excited beyond words.

But...there's always a sad part to awesome things, and that has been saying our 'see you laters'.
It's scary to think about starting fresh and having to make new friends and missing your old ones.
It's scary because distance creates a gap and I think I know deep down, some things will never be the same.
But in all of it, God is moving SO much and I know without a shadow of a doubt that we're 100% doing the right thing.

And of course you know me, I'm not gonna leave without some photos! So here's our basic recap of farewells.

Friday night we had a fun little bonfire with our besties out here in Douglasville. These two ladies are such angels and I have NO idea what I'm gonna do without them!

Last week I met up with some of my sweetest friends...we all met at work. And while I'm the only one left, our friendships have grown stronger. I love these ladies something fierce.

Now here's Ashby and she's my boo. She's the one who sang the awesome rendition of "Rolling in the Deep" at our church last summer. She's amazing and I love her. Ashby's like a foot taller than me and we would always show up to work in almost identical outfits - completely unplanned! We always joked that we were like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Twins". Ahh....so many memories!

You should definitely recognize the awesome Heather. She made me this awesome wall hanging and I can NOT wait to hang it up! Love her so much!

And well here's my wonderful family. I'll probably actually see them all more now that I'm 700+ miles away...but it's still so hard to say good-bye. Lots of love here.

Ahhh...my girls! Remember Leslie on the left? I was in her wedding back in November. She's a riot and one of my absolute dearest friends in all the world.

And here's the cousins! Amanda is Chris' cousin...he was her first best friend. Awww. Love these peeps more than you know!

The people in this post make my heart so full. Heck, they make my life full. And of course we've got some pretty special people missing from my picture list, but this is just a reminder of how many people here we love and love us back. I'm so excited for this amazing new journey, and while it's bittersweet, I know we'll be visiting often.

So, please know dear Georgia peeps, this is not good-bye. Just "see you later".

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