The Great State of Texas

Well....we're officially Texans!
We arrived yesterday afternoon and got the Uhaul unloaded.
Y'all, I got a bunch of stuff!!!

Last night we experienced In-N-Out burger for the first time.
Delish! For realio.
I was a lame-o and passed out around 8pm. I was SO tired.
It took us a little over 14 hours to get here.
We were a little concerned with how the cats would handle that long of a car ride.
Much to our surprise, they were awesome and slept the whole time.
And they're loving our new place!

The garden tub is amazing. I took a fabulous stress relieving bath tonight and it was just perfect.

We're slowly but surely getting settled in. So far I've unpacked the kitchen and our bedroom closet.
Lots and lots to go.
Oh yes, I got my home office up and running.
Jackson is super excited about my new working arrangements.
This quite possibly is my favorite picture ever.

Once we get everything unpacked, I'll video a little tour. We found an awesome little man out here to build us a custom farm table for our dining room. Super excited about that. And of course there will be pictures to come.

Tomorrow night we're going to go to our new church for the first time. I can't wait. And the awesome part is that we get to sleep in Sunday morning! We haven't done that in so long!

 Enjoy your weekend my friends!

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