Texas Randomness

Have you ever had Taco Bueno?
Oh my, so good. It's like Taco Bell but way better.
Equally as cheap! Definitely hit the spot.

Fat Tire beer. Yup I tried it tonight.
The jury is still out but I'm pretty sure I probably won't have it again.

My Cat From Hell.
Have you seen this on Animal Planet?
Amazing that that is the show of choice on Saturday night.

I went grocery shopping today.
I'm completely in love with the Kroger here.
All of the produce comes from local Texas farms.
Umm yes please.

That is what our afternoon consisted of.
Could be a result of the fact that we were up for 36 hours straight.
It's like jet lag.
Chris took a nap today. 2 hours.
Then I went to wake him up so we could go to the Saturday night service.
But I laid down and immediately fell asleep waking up an hour and a half later.
So looks like we'll be doing church tomorrow.
Surely we're caught up with sleep by now.

Tomorrow I think we might do a little sight seeing.
And hopefully I can come up with a few cool places to start "I Love Dallas" since Atlanta is 750 miles away.

There is so much unpacking to be done yet I find that this random blog post is much more important.

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