God. Is. Able.

moving to texas has been kind of a big deal.
this is the first time i've ever lived somewhere other than georgia.
i've desired to be here for a while; to be here close to my family.
to embark on a new chapter of life.
and when we started talking and praying about this several months ago, i had no idea how big god would be in all this.
i mean, it's what i prayed for...that god would be big in this. but i guess i wasn't really expecting him to show up so large.
that's totally contradicting what my faith should be.
but you know, like a lot of people, sometimes we miss the bigness of god.
our god is bigger than we let him be.

he has truly been so utterly amazing.
from every single detail.
just like we prayed for.

he worked out every single piece of this move. from the job chris got, to the money he's making (the exact amount we needed to make the move), to living arrangements, to finances to get through the move....and the list goes on and on.

if you've been a blog follower for long, you know that my life motto is god is able.
if not, you can see this post that sums it up. the song god is able by hillsong has been such a huge part of my life. and ephesians 3:20 where the song comes from, even more so.

so wouldn't you know that when we attended our new church today (where chris will be working) for the first time, the very first song they sang was "god is able".
chris and i just looked at each other...i mean seriously?
every single detail - god has been there.

he's showing me that he cares for every desire of our hearts, big and small.
every concern we have, he cares about. every detail, he will work out.

for example, i was worried about the landscape of texas, yet the town he moved us to has a lake and greenery and hills!

i really can't explain or put into words all that god has done in this transition.
but what i can say is that he cares for you. all of you. every part of you.
and more than anything, he is able to do immeasurably more than we could hope or ask (eph 3:20).


  1. What green? Oh, wait. You must be over on the EAST side!! It's plenty brown over here in Cow Town. And flat. :)

    I am so glad and thankful to Him. He really does make the path straight!

  2. I just became your new buddy, on GFC, you can follow me back at http://tartantastesintx.blogspot.com :)