New Month, New State, New Life

happy august y'all!
back up...can you believe it's august already?
that means that christmas is right around the corner!!!!
oh yay, my favorite!

ok i won't take us to christmas time just yet.

so with a new move comes new changes.
even better to start those changes in a new month!

i've got a whole list of things i want for our new life in the great state of texas.
like a schedule for quiet time.
a schedule for working out.
a nose ring.
a new tattoo.
a new style.
a new me!

so far i have decided that a red-orange nail polish will be my signature color.
i have also decided i want to wear scarves in my hair.
working from home allows me to change up my style a bit and i'm super excited.

yesterday i decided i needed a new skin care regimen too.
so i'm trying boscia.
have you used it? heard of it?
supposedly it's all natural and preservative free.
that has to be good right?
i just bought the trial kit, so we'll see. 
i think i like it...2 days in.

on a different note - i seriously think i may be addicted to taco bueno.
we've had it like 4 times in the last 4 days.

and moving right along...let's talk about r-pat and k-stew also known as robert and kristen and their sad break up. it is seriously on every channel and every magazine. about like tom and katie. i love some entertainment news as much as the next gal, but i kind of feel sad that their heart ache is being so over publicized....and that people care so much about it.

and so let me bring this completely full circle and ask your opinion on a some beauty items.
what is your must have beauty product?
what is your must have hair product?


  1. Welcome to Texas!!

    I've found so many cute hair scarf ideas on pinterest! Maybe you'll find some you like..


    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. I love how all of your posts are full of great hopes and encouragement! Keep it up, Lauren;-)