Coffeehouse Tunes

i have a love affair with music.
it's no secret.
i love, love, love it.
all kinds.

after a couple of times eating at my new favorite restaurant, Bin 303, i've been really captivated with acoustic versions of popular songs.

i love a good acoustic song.
just a voice and a guitar.
ahhhhh. heavenly.

lucky for me, i found the xm radio station that plays all good songs like that.
and then i went on an itunes shopping spree.
so i thought i'd share a few that are tickling my ears!

  • Mat Kearney - Girl America - this is one of my all time favorite songs anyway, so make it acoustic and i'm sold!
  • Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird - love me some Nelly Furtado. and love love love this song!
  • Wallflowers - One Headlight - this song has been my jam for years. and that jakob dylan is just so darn cute!
i absolutely can NOT wait for fall. something about these cool tunes (or the 25 that i may or  may not have bought) with the windows open on a crisp cool day....well that just sounds absolutely amazing.

speaking of fall....

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