What A Weekend Y'all!

there's something about texas and the weekends that i'm just absolutely loving.
maybe it's the fact that for the first time in our marriage we actually have weekends that don't involve stress about church on sunday, or last minute things to be done for church on sunday.
if i've said it once, i've said it a million times, but this new role for chris has just been life changing in so many ways for us.

friday night we had a pretty lame-o date night that included a mirage of you-tube videos. yep, that's how we roll....lame and all. 
saturday we were pretty lazy and it wazs quite amazing. we began project no more scary room. and of course we had some help from the kitties.

we bought a grill thursday so it was quite exciting to experiment with a few recipes this weekend.
saturday i grilled salmon filets and made pesto zucchini noodles. this was my first time grilling fish or eating salmon (other than a fried salmon patty), and if i may say, it was quite tasty! something that can definitely be added to my recipe box. and it was guilt free! saturday night i made pimento cheese burgers with homemade baked potato chips. another yumm-o!

but the best, best, best part of the weekend was sunday.
my little bro came up with my precious nephew, so of course all of the family went to dad's. it was like a caravan! i haven't seen him in like a month and he's grown so much.

i apologize in advance for the poor picture quality. i took them with my phone and was too lazy to brighten them before posting.

here's sweet cove and my lovely cousin holli. this was her first time to meet the little angel.

i seriously could eat.him.up.
for reals.
the cutest little kissable cheeks ever.

and here he is with his uncle chris! this was their first encounter too.

and of course nanny and cove. awww, how sweet.

we spent several hours there and it was so great to catch up.
i think what's most exciting is that this was the second weekend in a row i've gone to my dad's.
it feels so good to be that close now.
ahhh....and now it's monday.
new week....new adventures!

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