The Scary Room

So I have this room, and well, it's pretty scary.
I have come to realize that most people have a scary room. 
You know, that one room where everything accumulates that doesn't have a "home".

Here's the current sad state of my scary room:

Yikes! And I work in this every day! 
But fear not, i have some awesome plans for this room.
It WILL be colorful and fun.
Definitely not scary.

I think some fabric garland will do the trick. And of course the framed fabric in the window!

I believe a daybed will be the best bet for this room.

With lighting sconces of course. I super love these.

Here's another option for fabric garland.

Maybe a fun chandelier or some vinyl saying on the wall. I love the fun pillows.

And yes, there must be some pom pom burlap curtain ties!

I love how fresh and clean this one feels:

So now to find the $$ to make the most perfect collection of all of these elements. I'm determined to make this awesome.
Because I'm awesome and need an awesome workspace. Just kidding...kind of.
I feel that I should hand all handmade artwork in here.
Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Don't worry, I'll be sure to document this along the way.
I guess my starting point should probably be to go through the rest of the boxes!

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